Client Love

I find it amazing how effective that one conversation was in clarifying my challenge and revealing how I was getting in my own way. Thank you for allowing me to find my grace, see the possibilities, and find my own solution. Beautiful, simply beautiful.

- Cheryl Z.

I really can’t tell you how much you have helped me in the last year. Your energy and guidance around becoming a better version of myself is seriously so appreciated. I look forward to working with you every month. You have helped me get to a better place. I’m a better personally and professionally.

- Alyse Z.

You are really just a ray of sunshine.  Honestly, every instructor at Yoga Bliss is different, and special in their own way.  Your classes are special in the way that you radiate an energy…a positive vibe…that is just so amazingly good and rejuvenating. I like what you said about yoga changing one’s thinking.  I would normally be about the last person to ever admit it.  But I really think yoga has improved my mind and overall sense of being.  It has slowed me down…in a good way. 

- Jim W.

Juli, I have seen my practice grow so much under your instruction, it's phenomenal! you really have such a special way of explaining how to get into a pose.  Your directions are better than any other yoga instructor I've encountered yet! This is a big reason why I was able to do crow, running man, and forearm stand for the first time ever in my practice!  Thank you for everything you bring to class and to my life

- Michelle D.

Thanks for the light. You always shine it in the right place to make me ponder angles that I hadn't been.  You are encouraging and able to see to the root of career snags and steer me through the decision process in a positive way. My best interest is always the driving force of every session.

- Jonna R.

Thank you for wrapping your arms around me and working with me.  You have so many gifts Juli.  Thank you for sharing them with me and helping me figure out how to shine my light again.

- Heather B.

I always look forward to your classes as they provide such meaning for me. Last week when you said that we keep coming to yoga for the mental workout- it really resonated with me. I also enjoy your narrative approach and how you challenge us to think positively about what we are able to do instead of be afraid of  what we can’t do.

- Molly M.

Juli helped me to shift my focus on my strengths when I felt stuck and looking to make a career change. Her approach is encouraging and motivating. I have grown both personally and professionally as a result of her coaching!

- Katie P.


"I have worked with Juli, as an executive coach, for a little over 6 weeks and have signed up for another 6 sessions.  Our time together was a very wise investment in my career and life.  With her direct approach and encouragement, I have found my voice and my potential.  She provides support beyond our coaching sessions and seems to say exactly what I need to hear at exactly the right time. I love her holistic approach and have learned many tools/techniques to help stay balanced and in my power."

- Charla G.

"Juli was able to gently, yet firmly, make me face who I am and guide me accordingly.  She showed me that I am capable of adapting my values and interests into a more positive and purposeful approach to what I really want from my life at this time.  She is good at keeping one on task to dig deeper into one's own truth.  I would highly recommend Juli as a coach and her "28-Day Finding Balance....Finding You" program."

- Mary C.

“Juli is a thoughtful, caring and capable coach. My time spent with her was a blessing. She guided me to see so many inspiring choices when I was stuck and unable to move forward.  Juli's ability to connect and create a dynamic relationship with me gave me the freedom to explore options, feelings, choices and gain deeper insight that would never have happened without her guidance. You WANT this woman in your corner.” 

– Susan R.

“Juli helped me look at things and break them down into steps that I can manage.  Sometimes saying what is on your mind out loud and to a trusted source, helps to get direction and work through the problems.  Juli pushed me to look at things in a different way that opened up many more options when I was feeling stuck.  Juli is an excellent listener.  She has a keen ability to hear what I’m saying and to put things into a format that helped me work through what I need to.”

– Debbie P.

“Given my leadership challenges of having my family hold key positions in my company, Juli was instrumental in helping me look more deeply at how my actions and words impact the reactions of my team.  Juli facilitated a 360° Feedback that was eye-opening.  It helped me see how others viewed me as a leader, and what I specifically could do to be more effective.  In addition, Juli was great at encouraging me to find balance and take time for myself and my personal life raising my overall effectiveness.  After my personal experience, I engaged Juli to work with my team.  She brought a calm and thoughtful perspective to my team – she was immediately respected and suggestions taken – even with team members that were not excited about the idea of an outsider giving us advice.  It really gave us some clarity and momentum individually and as a team   I look forward to working with her again”.

- Sevy P.

“I wanted to work towards gaining more confidence in myself and in my leadership abilities.  I believe through my meetings with Juli, she enabled to me become a better version of myself. Juli gave me great ideas for my career and personal growth. Helping me find ways to balance my life and to better deal with stress. Her encouragement to work towards my dreams and goals and to help me make a plan for that was amazing. She also made herself available if I ever needed to discuss things that I might bump-up against in my day to day life or dealing with a difficult person.  I truly enjoyed working with Juli and I think she is doing a lot of great things with her coaching.  My absolute favorite thing about Juli was her encouraging words and always having a positive message, whether via email or in person. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Juli and believe I learned a great deal about myself from her and how I want to be better at everything I do. My coaching experience was worth every penny spent.”

– Jennifer B.

Juli Hicks has the experience and wonderful gifts to offer a bridge between the structured world of business and variable world of personal wellness.  She has graciously built stress management and wellness programs for our group based on the Myers Briggs Personality Index and Stress Management Report. We have used these reports to assist our team members in understanding their stress response and how to better manage stressful circumstances.  We have also used these reports to help with team building within the group based on personality.  She has also provided the group restorative yoga and meditation which was very well received for “non-yoga” participants. Everyone left the day with a feeling of “ahhhh.” Personally, I have had the pleasure to experience Juli as a wellness mentor for the past four years.  She has guided me in yoga, meditation, reflection, nutrition, seasonal changes, and general life balance.  She is thoughtful, enthusiastic, well organized, and her guidance seems to always fit perfectly for my personal growth.   So many times I find myself saying “That’s exactly what I needed to hear!”

- Esther L.

My favorite part of the workshop was going through the poses individually and figuring out what we need to fix within our own practice. I really enjoyed Juli's energy and the workshop material. I'm confident that what we went over today will help strengthen my practice, thanks again!

- Sophie D.

The retreat was the best training we have had in my two years here. I felt so motivated and thoroughly enjoyed having Juli with us at our retreat.  Her positivity was inspiring, and her realistic approach made me excited to try implementing some of her techniques in my own daily routine!

- Victim's Assistance Employee

Just wanted to thank you for an enriching morning with you.  The feedback after you left was all so positive.  We really appreciated what you had to offer and know it will make a difference in our everyday lives. 

- Carrie M.

As a follow up to your fabulous presentation today, I wanted to thank you so much for providing much needed information to our organization.  I received many positive remarks about your program.  I was so proud to be affiliated with you! Keep up the great, inspiring work!

- Jan A.

"Juli spoke at the HFMA Women's Leadership event in January of 2016 that I chaired.  Her reviews were a 5 out of 5. She was inspirational, basing her findings on her real life experiences, and she offered thoughtful and mindful suggestions. Everyone walked away from her presentation with at least one new idea to try to make their lives less stressful and more about themselves. I highly recommend Juli to speak at any of your events and/or as a life coach to guide you."

- Nadia V.

“Juli was the first HR professional our growing CPA and technology consulting firm had ever hired. I am convinced now that she is one of the key influences that helped BCG become a 10 time NC99 Best Places to Work in NE Ohio. Juli is not only a true professional, she is compassionate and caring and genuinely wants to see others succeed. She also is very strategic and does not hesitate to suggest ideas for ways to improve the organization she is working with. She is a breath of fresh air and lives our tag line..."Caring People, Shaping Futures.”

- Dave B.

“Juli was responsible for overall firm administration for 7 years at BCG & Co, reporting directly to me, the managing director. Her style was professional, respectful but most of all sincere.  Everyone knew she really cared.  During that time, BCG grew substantially in employees. Faced with the challenges of growth and some dysfunction, Juli helped us tremendously by developing excellent HR processes, with an ensuing positive culture, which was our goal.  In just about every aspect of HR....hiring, performance reviews, terminations, incentives, health and other name a few, Juli initiated progressive changes that lead directly to BCG winning numerous "best workplace" awards, which continues today.  BCG has a reputation in the community and among its employees as a great place to work and be proud of.   Every time they win another award, I hope those at BCG say to themselves "thank you Juli"!  She left a lasting legacy. Juli not only has my highest recommendation, but my gratitude.”

- Jim C.

“I first worked with Juli early on in my career when I aspired to branch out into other areas of Human Resources. Right from the onset, I knew I made the right decision to join her team. Juli believed in me and was super supportive, yet had the courage and diplomacy to guide me down the right path without making me feel micro-managed. Juli was also very respected at the firm we worked at together; people were always in her office, not just to vent to the HR person, but to partner together on work challenges and seek solutions, which Juli provided consistently. Juli helped the firm identify and implement best HR practices that began to land them over a decade worth of awards for being a best place to work. To this day, Juli's one of the best HR leaders I've worked with and I’d recommend and/or work with her again in a heartbeat!”

- Jennifer V.

“I met Juli several years ago when I worked at BCG. Her positive energy and her genuine compassion for others is what I admire most about her. Juli always goes the extra mile. Even after leaving BCG I still look to Juli for sound advice. I respect Juli both personally and professionally - she's the real deal! I would highly recommend Juli to anyone who is looking for an honest, down-to-earth HR consulting professional with the absolute highest integrity!”

-Theresa W.

“As the owner of Yoga Bliss, I have worked with Juli for the past four years and have benefited greatly from Juli's HR expertise. She has provided wise counsel to me in personnel situations where I have very little experience which has helped me to become a better leader and mentor. As a yoga teacher, Juli is known to be kind, compassionate, organized, inspiring, and compelling. She is willing to go the extra mile to make people feel comfortable in a setting that may be intimidating or uncomfortable to them. I would highly recommend Juli for any HR consulting jobs. She will definitely add value to your business.”

-Caroline G.