1:1 Coaching

Let me help you assess your personal and professional situation with a greater degree of clarity, honesty, curiosity, and compassion.  Together, we will outline the steps to improve any area of your life and overcome the fears and obstacles that have been holding you back.

Individual coaching allows for a more personalized experience.  You will get my full attention and a fresh perspective served up with love and accountability. 

You will receive:

  • 1:1 Coaching customized for your specific situation and needs.
  • Coaching Sessions are 50-60 minutes each, and can be in person, by phone, or Skype.
  • Follow-up emails outlining the major points and action items from each session.
  • Outlined goals that will help you take action and maintain focus (accountability to the max).
  • The motivation to turn insight into action

With 3 or more Coaching Sessions, you will also receive:

  • Access to my "Finding You Discovery Guide" - A workbook that kicks off our work together.  It will get you past all of the noise and tap into your knowing, your essence, your truth to get to what lights you up. Self Awareness is a super power.
  • Unlimited Email Support - Get the support you need when you need it while we are working together. I will read and respond to your email within 24 hours. This is especially helpful between coaching sessions when you have a question, want to share an "aha" or breakthrough, or when you are in need of some additional resources to help create movement, or get back on track.  Email me your successes and your struggles. I am here to support AND celebrate you.
  • Access to my resources -  I have spent the past several years immersed in all parts of transformational change, personal growth, and holistic health. I have a collection of resources that I am happy to share with you. You will be on my mind and when I come across something that I think would be supportive of your journey and goals, I will send it your way!