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Each month I happily publish a healthy living column in my neighborhood's magazine, Kingsbury Living.

We have a fabulous community and I am grateful to share my experiences and expertise with dear neighbors and fellow friends. Take a peak below to view January's article, "Absolutely Everything is Progress."





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"Absolutely Everything is Progress” is one of my favorite “Truthbombs” by Danielle LaPorte. 

In a society which places a high value on success and winning, we sometimes lose sight of the fact that there is massive value in failure. As painful as it can be, even our breakdowns, missteps, and losses can move us forward.  I can look back over the course of my life and see where I played it safe.  It was also at those times that I was stuck and experienced the least amount of growth.  Exactly when and how do we acquire this desire for having to get it right all the time?  We are certainly not born that way.  We are all born with an intense drive to learn and grow.

 Think of a baby just learning to walk.  She…

…falls repeatedly, yet keeps getting up.

…adjusts her approach based on information from previous attempts.

…doesn’t care who is watching.

…relies on whatever is around her to provide support. 

…is not really concerned with actually walking.  She is simply exploring her world.   

 Babies are not afraid of shame, judgment or even physical discomfort.  That’s the key… FEAR!   Babies have no fear. 

 I say we follow the lead of babies.  Where is fear holding you back?  Are you afraid of looking stupid, disappointing someone, or getting hurt?  Whatever your blocks are, here’s the “baby formula” to get past fear:

  1. Just try!  Be willing to fail. 
  2. Look at failure as feedback that you can use to adjust your approach.
  3. Don’t worry if someone is watching. More than likely, your “audience” is too wrapped up in their own stuff to notice you.  
  4. Accept support.  Get the tools you need and surround yourself with people who will encourage you.
  5. Find some joy in the process rather than obsessing about the outcome.  Let go of any expectations.

Success and failure are both critical to our personal evolution.  The challenge is to view failure not as something that defines us but rather as something to learn from and that moves us forward.  I plan to use this formula as I keep working on my forearm balance in my yoga practice.  What about you?  Please share what you might attempt next in the spirit of progress.

By the way, if you haven’t heard of Danielle LaPorte and you want some sharp, clear, unapologetic inspiration, go directly to her website at www.daniellelaporte.com and sign up for her truthbombs. 

 In love and light…


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