My Story

Finding balance, finding my truth and finding a life that I love has been my personal journey ever since a stress-induced illness landed me in the hospital for 21 days with a long road to recovery. In 2007, I had a demanding career, a growing family, and a life where perfectionism, other people’s opinions crowded out what I really wanted.  Not to mention all of the “shoulds”, guilt, and fear that were always present.

On the outside, I looked “successful”…on the inside, a very different story. Needless to say, my health and happiness were suffering.

You have heard the saying “everything happens for a reason”.  I totally believe it and I know that my illness was the reason I did a deep dive into discovering life-enhancing practices and to living an authentic, bigger life. It was what ultimately led me to become a yoga teacher and life coach; teaching others the same tools that have helped me to take control of my career, health, and life.

For the past eleven years, I’ve immersed myself into studying and obtaining certificates in corporate and life coaching, applied positive psychology, yoga, and Ayurveda. Adding in 20 years of experience in Human Resources, I offer a unique mix of training and experience that has helped me understand the human condition and really help others see the possibility in themselves. 

When I’m not teaching, working with clients, or facilitating workshops, you can find me bliss-ing out with yoga, a book, a podcast, a movie, or hanging with my beautiful family who are my biggest teachers and the loves of my life.

Realizing that keeping in balance and that learning never stops, I continue to negotiate the outer world of expectations, find my power, and stay on purpose.  I hope you join me!


What I Believe and How I Work...

Self Awareness – A clear and honest understanding of our strengths, weaknesses, preferences, how our environment affects our mood can lead to better decision making and living more fully.

Authenticity – We create our best lives when we define ourselves by our own core values and not by our roles, other's expectations, and society.

Balance – There is power in balance. We operate at our best when we can honor our commitments and take care of ourselves.

Intention – Living a life “on-purpose” allows us to write our own story instead of it being left to external circumstances.

Growth – We all have the ability to become a better, brighter version of ourselves every day. Our potential is limitless.

Feedback – There is no such thing as failure…only feedback. Feedback enables us to gain wisdom and adjust our behavior.

Humor – Laughter heals and renews.

Simplicity – By reducing clutter, both physical and emotional, we can better focus our energy.

Responsibility – We cannot change other people…only ourselves. If we want our lives to be different, we have to be different.

Gratitude – Only by being thankful for what we already have can we appreciate its true value and make room for new blessings.

Presence - The point of power is always in the present moment.