Yoga is a source of well-being and a powerful vehicle for change. Once you get over the anxiety of learning something new, your mental and emotional patterns begin to shift.  A regular yoga practice is built on awareness.  This awareness invites you to notice your reactions, expectations, desires and to make adjustments on your yoga mat.  This awareness begins to flow over into the rest of your life.


A consistent yoga practice will:  

  • Improve muscle tone, flexibility, strength and stamina

  • Reduce stress and tension

  • Boost self esteem

  • Improve concentration and creativity

  • Improve circulation

  • Stimulate the immune system

  • Create a sense of well-being and calm


After my crash and burn in 2007, yoga was the first step back to wellness and I am delighted to share the benefits of this amazing practice with you.  My teaching style is best described as encouraging.  I encourage my students to stretch and challenge themselves AND honor what they feel in their body.  My intention is to teach (and live) from a place where everyone leaves feeling better, happier, and inspired.  


Public Yoga Classes

Come flow with me at the beautiful Yoga Bliss Studio in Fairlawn, Ohio.  You can expect an energizing flow, some soulful tunes, and some inspiration to take with you outside of the studio. 

Here is my current schedule:

  • Mondays at Noon - Vinyasa Flow

  • Tuesdays at 4:15 and 5:30 pm - Vinyasa Flow

  • Saturdays at 11:00 am - Vinyasa Flow

If you can’t make it to my class, Yoga Bliss offers more than 40 classes led by some amazing instructors.  Do yourself a favor and check the place out.  Click Here for a complete and up to date schedule.


Private Yoga Instruction

Private instruction is a great way to learn proper form and gain some confidence in your practice. 

Contact me with any questions or to schedule a session.